the sober Free society (sFs)

"sober free society" is a play on the wide misconception of what Burning Man is all about. some people are sober, some are not, but all are free at Burning Man. we welcome your interaction with this concept and encourage your own interpretation. see for more on the festival.

Burning Man 2009 marked a milestone for the sFs as we provided the playa with an art installation - Evo-Wall - a 2009 Burning Man Honorarium art grant recipient. Also see the projects page for more on Evo-Wall.

With the arrival of 2010, once again, the sFs has been awarded a grant for an art installation! Mant Farm will make the sFs 2 for 2 - Burning Man funded art installations. We are all very proud of and excited for Mant Farm!

sFs the group

sober Free society is an urban family, a culture collective - a group of creatives, artists, designers and entrepreneurs (mostly Seattle based).

sFs theme camp    see the projects page for more details

our Burning Man theme camp was founded on the drive home from Burning Man ’05. subsequently, our members have participated, in one way or another, at burning man ever since (Arctica, art installations, Rangers, etc.). 2006 marked the first installment of the sFs theme camp, although, not officially registered. in 2007, the sFs camped with HO*OP, a hula-hoop camp, in the 7:30 plaza. beginning in 2008, the sFs has been an officially registered and placed Burning Man theme camp and we are very proud of this. our playa neighborhood has always been in the vicinity of the 7:30 key hole. as a theme camp, the sFs provides a shaded chill space and an open bar for burners to enjoy. the bar’s theme is, “impromptu sober Free meetings” and “sober Free therapy” where we serve drinks inspired by sober Free living. our camaraderie is of the very welcoming and generous variety, of course. small scale music (not amplified) is played of the most eclectic genres.

"impromptu sober Free meetings available when people are present. get proper sober Free therapy from the sober Free society."